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Cali is now healthy and happy in her new home!

Cali's new family sent us a lovely video update! Check it out here:

An Eye Lost, a 2nd Chance at Life Given to Mallory

June 2016

DAWG saved Mallory’s life. She was attacked by a large animal and near death when our officers found her and got her right to Dr. Echolds. She received extraordinary surgery to help her with a dislocated jaw but she did have to have a badly damaged eye removed. Before you feel too sorry for Mallory you should know this little gal is healed and ready for a great game of hunting down feathers. A kitty tickler will keep her entirely amused for hours. Once she has played and played some more she is ready to curl up in your lap and purr up a storm.


August 2017 - We just got an update from Mallory's family! She has adapted purrfectly, not even aware of her missing eye. They love her dearly and she's a happy part of their loving family.

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