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100% of your donation goes to supporting the animals.
Dedicated Animal Welfare Group is run completely by volunteers.


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27472 Capricho

Mission Viejo, CA 92692


Tax ID #33-0670197

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Your donation will save lives! Abandoned animals arrive at the shelter in desperate need of medical care. Cats are often found by our officers in dire condition. Some are injured and others are starving, sick from upper respiratory illnesses, and often dehydrated. By accessing their health condition immediately, abandoned pets are transported to a vet hospital/clinic right away. Donations to DAWG make recovery and healing possible. Abandoned pups and K9’s typically suffer from severe neglect. Most need dental care, including oral surgery, treatment for infections of the eyes, ears or skin and a few need help with building confidence. Our devoted donors make it possible for DAWG to provide whatever medical care they need. Vets who specialize in orthopedic surgery, eye surgery or eye care, cardiac and neurological evaluations, are all included in the type of care DAWG pays for to restore our animal friends to good health. Since homeless pets from overcrowded shelters, through the Mission For Home program, enter the shelter from outside the shelter’s jurisdiction, they receive 100% of their veterinary care, including spay and neuter, from donations to DAWG. We are extremely grateful for the overwhelming interest from donors in saving the lives of these precious pets.

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