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Cali is now healthy and happy in her new home!

Cali's new family sent us a lovely video update! Check it out here:

Snickers Leg Surgery a Success

February 2016

Adorable young Snickers arrived at the Mission Viejo Shelter with a leg that had been broken for weeks. DAWG got him the surgery he needed to regain use of the damaged leg. Dr. Eich of Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Irvine worked his magic and Snickers is on his way to recovery.


As if it wasn't bad enough for Snickers to have a broken leg, it also appeared he would require a crypt neuter surgery.  After an exploratory procedure performed by Dr. Echolds of Rancho Niguel Animal Hospital, it was discovered Snickers only ever had one testicle. Poor fellow!


The great news is that a lovely couple fell in love with Snickers and he is now living the high life in Pacific Palisades! We wish him all the best and look forward to many updates!

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