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Ella, a Brittany Spaniel pup,

needs our help!

Ella was hit by a car and her elbow was badly damaged. DAWG helped her get the surgery she needed for a second chance at life! If you are interested in helping fund Ella's care, please click on the paypal link in the footer or check out our Donate Now page.

Updates on the most adorable pup no one wanted . . .

UDPATE: March 6, 2015


Ella's recovery has been excellent! She still spends her days at the shelter, going for short hourly walks and sharing cuddles with volunteers. Ella is filled to the brim with joy and excitement and is going to be thrilled in her new home!


Ella will be going home Monday, March 9th, to the family of her dreams! After being bumped from home to home as a pup, Ella will finally find the security and love she has always needed. She will have older kids to play with, a one year old poodle-terrier best buddy, and a stay-at-home mom to dote on her throughout the day.


DAWG will be paying a trainer to meet with her new family in their home, to ensure her running instincts are in check and her puppy-ness is under control. We want nothing more than to see this girl happy for the rest of her days.


If you have met Ella (or see her sweet photos on the left), you know she has a huge heart and a lot of joy to bring to those around her.


We will post her adoption photos soon!

UDPATE: February 8, 2015


Ella was a champ wearing her cast after elbow surgery and, at last, it has been removed! That doesn't mean Ella is off confinement, though, so she spends most of her days watching the comings and goings of shelter staff and volunteers from her indoor kennel filled with comfy items and stuffies. Several times a day she is allowed outside for a potty break, to say hi to everyone and soak up some sunshine before heading back to her fort.


Not only is Ella making strides in her physical recovery, but she is also progressing in her trust of people and confidence in new situations. Ella is still flighty and will need a calm, secure person who will continue to remind her she is safe and to give her the stability she needs but never has been able to find. Another dog in the home, who is confident and accepting, would be a plus for Ella, who is young and still learning the ins and outs of life.


Before long, Ella will be ready to go home with a wonderful new family!

UDPATE: January 22, 2015


Ella had a successful surgery, performed by Dr. Christopher Eich in Irvine! Her leg is wrapped to put pressure on certain points to help her heal correctly and as pain-free as possible. As you can see in her most recent photos, Ella is already feeling a lot better!


We are getting to know Ella's beautiful personality. She is a love of a cuddly pup that needs socialization and confidence building. Her fearfulness and flight reactions are understandable: she has been in the care of at least 5 people/groups in her short life.


Ella was first left with a Long Beach rescue group as a very young pup (she is between 6 and 8 months old now). She was adopted by a woman in Cypress who decided she did not want her and sold her to a man in Laguna Hills. Apparently, Ella ran away and after good samaritans saw Ella get hit by a car and helped Animal Control round her up (she can RUN! even with a dislocated shoulder!), she became part of the Mission Viejo Shelter family. The last owner did not want her (who could not want her??). It's amazing she is still wanting to love and trust people after all she has been put through. We are happy to take care of this little angel. If you would like to help us help Ella, please donate! Every penny counts!


UPDATE: January 16, 2015


Six month old Ella did get hit by a car (not mauled by a coyote) recently. The shelter became aware of this dog when someone called in for service. Our officer picked up Ella and took her to Dr. Echolds who did a complete work up and stabilized Ella and even kept her for two nights so she could receive pain meds until we could get her to the surgeon. Dr. Echolds sent the films to Dr. Eich at So. Cal. Vet Surgical Group in Irvine. At 10:00 today Ella was seen by the surgeon who believes this injury happened a week ago. There is absolutely NO evidence this dog was mauled by a coyote (somehow this dog got on facebook saying she was mauled by coyote and hit by a car).

Ella is even cuter in person. She is a complete snuggle bunny. Dr. Eich tried to put her elbow back into position manually under sedation, as it is dislocated but he was not successful which is another reason the trauma may have happened a week ago. She is getting surgery to fix her elbow and is getting great care. The shelter will be able to bring her back on Monday. She will need medications and strict confinement but you can bet volunteers will take shifts sitting with her.  On Friday she will get a bandage change. This 6 month old pup is just as sweet as can be.

I won’t know the cost for surgery for a couple of days. It likely will be over $2,000. Our DAWG group knew she needed help and that’s all we needed to get her to a surgeon asap. I’ll let you know about the charges when I know. The shelter made an attempt to locate the owners and there’s a story Ella would share if we only understood dog talk. The people who abandoned her aren’t talking and don’t want her and that’s just fine with me.
This cutie deserves a fabulous new family when she is all healed. I get to meet her Monday but from all I hear I, like Dr. Echolds and his entire staff, will be completely in love in no time.

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