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We save lives by providing much needed medical care to dogs and cats who were abandoned, neglected or lost so that they may find happy homes and live full lives.

Ruby 4 web
Dakota eich4web
Ruby went home!

Only a month ago, sweet, affectionate one year old Ruby was left on the street to die from starvation.  Thankfully DAWG rescued Ruby from an over crowded shelter and with great medical care and lots of TLC, she recovered. Ruby has been in her forever home (sister of Linda our former field officer in the photo up top) for a month now and her new family says she is loaded with personality and living the good life. 

Mittens 2 007

Her babies are raised and now Mittens needs a home of her own. DAWG is paying 100% of her adoption fees (to an approved applicant). Our cattery upgrade should be done mid August, so space is limited at the shelter and Mittens is such a nice feline. Come meet her.

Dakota 4 web

Dakota was on the slope next to the emergency lane on the I-5 with a broken leg. DAWG paid for her surgery and care and today, only 30 days later she is half way healed and completely ready to run and play. She'll need to wait another month to play with another dog but she is a spirited husky and one happy girl. The photo above is with Dr. Eich, her surgeon.


81% of the money raised goes directly to animal care