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Trio Loses a Leg and Gains a Life

Abandoned and deformed love-of-a-Lab-mix, Trio, gets a second chance at happiness!

Trio Before Amputation - 1

Because Trio would dip down to use his deformed leg, veterinarians believed his back was being strained and would likely cause serious issues and pain throughout Trio's life.

Trio Before Amputation - 2

When Trio arrived at the shelter, his elbow was sore and infected. He required antibiotics and medical care before his leg could be amputated.

Trio's new family!

Trio's surgery was fully funded by donations made by supporters of DAWG. Trio's medical care was the first case in which we used a crowd-funding site to raise the money needed to help him find health and happiness.  Trio's fund-raising page may be found at
Special thanks to the veterinarians who are helping Trio get back on his (3) feet:
Trio's initial infection and care was in the hands of Dr. Pat Echolds of Rancho Niguel Animal Hospital in Laguna Niguel, CA. Dr. Echolds performs more than 80% of the care of DAWG animals.
Trio's surgery, which included the leg amputation, specialty neuter and removal of a single flap of dewclaw, was handled by Dr. Christopher Eich of Southern California Veterinary Hospital in Irvine, CA.  Dr. Eich has performed approximately 40 surgeries for animals in the care of DAWG.
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