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Cali is now healthy and happy in her new home!

Cali's new family sent us a lovely video update! Check it out here:

Cali, a Love of a Pup, Has a Hole in her Heart

September 2015

The future was looking bright for sweet puppy, Cali. A family had fallen in love with her so she went to the vet to be spayed so she could go home with the family of her dreams. Before her surgery, the vet listened to Cali‘s heart and noticed it sounded a bit like a washing machine. Something wasn’t right! The Dedicated Animal Welfare Group (DAWG), the private fundraising arm of the Mission Viejo Shelter, took Cali to Dr. Sarah Miller, a heart specialist for dogs. Dr. Miller took a look at Cali to see what was the matter. It’s hard to believe this puppy, with a heart so full of love, has a hole in her heart that needs to be closed ASAP! Her congenital heart defect, called a PDA (Patent Ductus Arterioles), can be fixed by putting a stent in which will allow a layer of tissue to develop and close the hole so Cali can live a long and healthy life. This surgery is life saving and also quite expensive! Even after our generous discount, we need to raise $4,000 to save Cali’s life. We think she’s worth it! Don’t you? Cali's surgery is scheduled for September 18th. If you can help Cali, please donate to DAWG today!

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