The DAWG Dispatch

We save lives by providing much needed medical care to dogs and cats who were abandoned, neglected or lost so that they may find happy homes and live full lives.

The Good Life for Popeye and Sweet Pea

It is hard to imagine that these big dogs got such poor care they were nearly starved to death. Only a few months ago, each were down to only 30 pounds. They were emaciated!  While the prosecution ended in punishment for the owner and the permanent removal of the dogs from that home, in order for them to find a great new home they needed to be rescued.  The MV shelter agreed to take them and life changed for the better in an instant for this pair.  Volunteers loved watching these enormous dogs frolicking in the play yard.  They were not at the shelter long when their new family fell in love. At first the couple thought maybe they would take just one but once they saw them playing together, there was no question these dogs needed to stay together. We are thrilled that Popeye and Sweet Pea have an entirely new life now and we look forward to updates which we expect to get regularly.










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