The DAWG Dispatch

We save lives by providing much needed medical care to dogs and cats who were abandoned, neglected or lost so that they may find happy homes and live full lives.

Terrier Pups Find the Home of Their DREAMS!

THEN, a miracle happened!  Sandy began to grow attached to these little ones and decided her life would be oh so grand with the company of two joyful, entertaining terriers. Boy are we glad she did.  They are still growiing in confidence but life for these two has become instantly wonderful.  They are now named Bonnie and Clyde. Something tells us Sandy has expectations that once they are fully confident they will make up for lost time, acting like two enthusiastic, and sometimes crazy,  little pups. To be sure! We can't deny their lives were once pretty scary and that it is highly likely they received if not full abuse, certainly horrible neglect.  Life is good now though. Like most young K9's they are completely ready to move on and enjoy a long life of love combined with adventure and lots of fun. Congratulations Sandy and Bonnie and Clyde.

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