The DAWG Dispatch

We save lives by providing much needed medical care to dogs and cats who were abandoned, neglected or lost so that they may find happy homes and live full lives.

Queso’s Gives Us A Big Scare


This little guy swallowed a hair tie (a stretchy band for pony tails).  Yep this silly boy managed to swallow the entire thing. Why we will never know but we had to get him to surgery quick. Dr. Wheaton and Dr. Northrup operated on this baby and removed the obstruction. Two days out from surgery and the most challenging part of caring for him post op is making sure he does not leap for joy. We are thrilled he is doing so well but we do hope his days of swallowing weird things are over. Your donations saved Queso's little life, to be sure. We will keep you posted on Queso's progress.

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